Update on Calling the Practice

We have been experiencing an increase in telephone calls and do apologise for any inconvenience caused in extended wait times. Our reception team are working as efficiently and as quickly as possible to ensure calls are answered and dealt with appropriately. If you are experiencing a longer wait time than normal, please be patient.

So that we can focus on these really important issues, we will understandably be prioritising urgent care.

This means that when you contact us, we may have an initial conversation with you to understand how urgent your health needs are.

If you have an issue that is not urgent, you may need to wait longer than usual for an appointment until your problem or concern can be dealt with. You may be asked to rebook at a later date, or at a safer time (e.g. attending for a non-urgent blood test).

Do please make sure that you continue to get in touch with us if you need to. This is particularly important if:

  • your problem is genuinely urgent
  • you have a long-term condition that is getting worse
  • you are worried about symptoms that might indicate cancer

Please also remember you can call NHS 111 for urgent concerns, and 999 for serious emergencies. Your local pharmacist can also help with minor complaints too.

For adults with mental health problems including depression and anxiety, you can refer yourself directly to the local wellbeing service, via 01234 880400.